Photo and Article on the front page of Matador Network

Photo and Article on the front page of Matador Network

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Growing Up Millennial (contributor)

Off The Couch and Into the Streets  (Featured on Freshly Pressed)

I’m Breaking Up With You, Occupy

My experience with the NHS on MedCity News

How to Teach Basic Grammar for BridgeTEFL

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Personal Bests – My Favourites From the old blog

Do It Yourself – August 2011

One Sunday Morning I Woke Up Speaking French – October 2011

I’m Breaking Up With You, Occupy – February 2012

Sit Down At the Table With Yourself – January 2013

A Moveable Inferno- July 2013

Another World: Into Iceland’s Glacial Caves – January 2015

Peak to Peak Highway – September 2016

The Long Haul – April 2017

Hunger Twilight, Mr. Hyde, and Don Quixote – May 2018

Former Blog – Teaching in Chilean Patagonia

Al Camino Que Hicieron Mis Zapatos

And because it’s unlikely to be published elsewhere, here’s my MA dissertation

Coleen Monroe’s Experimental Dissertation – 2014